About us

Developing replicable schemes to access the capital needed to implement energy efficiency strategies in supermarkets.

About us


Expected Impacts

88 Stores engaged to implement mechanisms with a total floor of 29,560 m2​

Primary energy saving of 7094 GWh/year

Reduction of the greenhouse gases emission of 6807 tCO2/year

4.7M of investment in energy efficiency measures will be leveraged.

Delivery of innovative financing schemes that are operational and ready to be implemented.​


Develop and engineer an innovative scheme for energy efficiency investment in small and medium supermarkets based on stakeholder and community engagement.

Compile a portfolio of ad-hoc energy measures for supermarkets.

Implements innovative financial instruments for energy efficiency investments in two relevant pilot case studies.

Define a structured strategy and methodology for the replicability of the financial scheme at regional and national level.

Identify barriers and needs to support the devolpment of regulatory and policy frameworks that allow the uptake of innovative financial schemes for energy efficiency investment.



We are a research and innovation company passionate about making the world a better place. We say yes to opportunity, strive to do right as an employer for our staff and their families, and we seek to develop, accelerate and implement solutions to societal challenges. Half of our activities are in Research and Innovation – the realization of new knowledge, products and services typically in the framework of collaborative European research. The other half or our activities focus on the commercialization, early adoption and scaling of new products and services that disrupt markets, solve problems and make our clients more competitive. We operate most in the sustainability sector where we are deeply engaged in energy, buildings, construction and the smart grid. We proudly work in the Green Building Council and are distributors on our territories for some of Europe’s most exciting tools and technologies. Welcome to Research to Market – Europe’s hardest working innovation accelerator.


ZER0-E is a sustainable engineering company formed by skilled engineers, scientists and professionals. We are focused on building a sustainable future with net-zero emissions, through advanced tools and solutions that minimize environmental impacts and achieve efficient and circular systems. Our goal is to facilitate the transition towards a future with zero emissions in three main areas: 1) Sustainable Buildings, Industries & Cities: Exergy & Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency Retrofitting, Renewable Energy Systems, Sustainable Energy Generation Systems; 2) Green Software Development: Digitalisation, Data Science, BIM, and 3) Environmental Assessments: Cross-Sectoral Environmental Assessments, Process Engineering & Modelling, Techno-Economic Evaluation.


RINA is a global corporation that provides engineering and consultancy services, as well as testing, inspection and certification across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors through a global network of 170 offices in 65 countries. Through its 3.700 talented professionals, RINA provides a wide range of high quality tailored solutions aiming to back up the market operators across the entire life cycle of their projects. All RINA services are performed at the highest professional level, understanding and complying with Client’s needs and requirements while taking into due consideration sustainability and health, safety and environmental targets.


SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS EUROPE is a Spanish consultancy company that provides innovative services to a wide range of sectors across Europe: bio-based industry, renewable energy, advanced materials, among others. The core competencies offered by SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS are structured in three main pillars which bridge the gap between ideas and market: Innovation Management, Market Uptake of Innovative Solutions, and Capacity Building. Our main value is the highly qualified and multi-cultural-disciplined talented team of engineers, environmentalists, communication experts, and business strategists that work with us.


Sinloc is a consulting and investment firm with operations throughout Italy. We promote development of local infrastructure, providing advisory services, feasibility studies and direct investments in Public-Private Partnerships (concessions, project financing, etc.). Sinloc also facilitates access to EU funds and their efficient and sustainable use. We focus on economic, financial, social and environmental sustainability in the projects we undertake. We provide tangible solutions to local issues and concerns. We have a wide and diversified track record of concrete projects and we always develop accountable responsibility to both investors and the local communities involved.


Creara is an international engineering and consulting firm specialising in energy efficiency, energy management and renewable energies. As a 360º company with extensive experience, our main value is the multidisciplinary approach to energy, where all areas of an organization are connected. All designed to optimize energy use.


Tán-dem is a young consultancy company with a fresh, dynamic, different approach, and scrupulously respectful of a universe that we are passionate about: the franchise. Our clients have trusted us because we have helped them discover that franchising neither "anything goes" nor "everything is invented". The franchise is the ideal formula to see a business grow, as long as basic principles are observed, a well-conceived original project is respected, and investment is constantly made to improve the business model. It is the easiest way to make an entrepreneur's dreams come true, and it is an attractive niche that will allow more investor profiles to gather a juicy portfolio that is comfortable to manage. Our mission in Tandem is to look after the interests of each one of them, accompanying them throughout the process. Thanks to our protection they will achieve their objectives, avoiding "surprises", exceeding their expectations.


The Municipality of Padova, has a long-standing experience in participation projects organisation and management, particularly on urban planning, environmental and sustainability issues, through the Environment and Territory department and Informambiente Office.


Ener2crowd is the first Italian crowdfunding platform dedicated entirely to sustainability projects where any private or institutional investors can finance innovative companies working on environmental sustainability interventions, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Today Ener2Crowd represents the number one operator for direct and transparent sustainable investing, promoting an alternative ethical, effective and remunerative experience to those who care about the future of our species and all other living beings.