SUPER-HEERO celebrates online General Assembly meeting

SUPER-HEERO held its first General Assembly meeting corresponding to month 6 of the project, with the presence of all the consortium partners, on November 10. The session was held online and during it, the project partners had the opportunity to present their results and achievements to date. The presentations kicked off with an overview from the Project Coordinator R2M Solutions regarding deliverables and work packages progress and milestones achieved. Following this, each of the partners came to present their progress on their respective work packages.

During the second part of the meeting, several workshops were carried out in order to brainstorm about the upcoming activities:

  • Sinloc coordinated the first workshop: Defining the innovative business models, where all the partners shared ideas about innovative business models to be explored, analysed and developed.
  • RINA led the second workshop: Energy Efficiency saving measures in supermarkets, with the aim to identify different solutions and present a timeframe for the actions.
  • Zero-e Engineering, the Municipality of Padova, Sinloc and Tandem coordinated the third brainstorming session: Customer engagement and reward mechanisms for the supermarket.
  • Following this, Sustainable Innovations led another session related to the Communication and Dissemination activities of the project. Here, the Mentimeter tool was used to gather feedback from the partners.
  • And last, but not least, R2M Solutions concluded with a discussion on risk management and impact that was carried out in Mural, an interactive tool to create boards with sticky notes.

In spite of being held online, the consortium meeting was very fruitful and great ideas came out of it!

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