SUPER-HEERO on the Media: Simone Buffa (R2M Solutions) interview with Storytime (Radio Canale Italia)

On April 11, Simone Buffa, EU Project Manager and Business Developer at R2M Solutions, a consortium partner of SUPER-HEERO project, was interviewed by Storytime (Radio Canale Italia). In this media outlet, Buffa explained the upcoming launching of the SUPER-HEERO crowdlending platform on March 31 in Padova with NaturaSì and other organisations.

Buffa also explained the overall reach of the SUPER-HEERO project since March 2020 and how the Italian investors could take a 7% of profitability in the green investments generated by this initiative.

“SUPER-HEERO allows customers and supermarkets to carry on energy efficiency in their communities. Through this project, all the stakeholders take part in the action, enhancing the investment capacity to retail shop owners and providing benefits to its clients. It’s a win-win association focused on sustainability and engagement”. Simone Buffa stated.

Storytime is an Italian online radio linked to Radio Canale Italia, one of the largest information groups in the North of Italy. It has 5 channels, reaching more than 6 million people of audience.

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