R2M Solution meets Ener2Crowd

Representatives from the entity coordinating SUPER-HEERO, R2M Solution, including its CEO Thomas Messervy, met with delegates from Ener2Crowd on 8 June 2021 to discuss crowdfunding and partnering opportunities in the framework of the project.

Ener2Crowd is an Italian lending crowdfunding platform specialized in the renewable energy and environmental sustainability sector.  It allows private lenders and individuals, together with institutional investors, to lend capital to Italian companies that are committed to developing environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energy interventions. The investment can be easily done online, and it provides investors the opportunity to participate in the development of energy projects, while obtaining high, planned and stable economic returns in exchange.

As the SUPER-HEERO project aims to provide innovative financial schemes to boost energy efficiency investment in supermarkets, a collaboration between the two initiatives could serve to enhance one of the main proposed mechanisms: crowdfunding.

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