SUPER-HEERO online workshop hosted in Italy

super heero online workshop

R2M Solution hosted an online workshop: Supermarkets 2.0: innovative financial instruments and engagement of stakeholders and local communities, 22 July.

The session, which took place in Italian, the language of one of the two pilot regions, revolved around crowdfunding applied to supermarkets and energy efficiency interventions, and it counted with a wide range of stakeholders, such as:

  • Francesco Mastrapasqua, Institutional Affairs at EPTA, a multinational specializing in commercial refrigeration and with activities revolving around the engineering, installation and commissioning of retail stores. They have successfully managed the EU-funded project LIFE C4R, which is developing innovative technological solutions for the commercial refrigeration sector that are able to reduce the GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and particularly HFCs. Francesco contributed with the lessons learnt during the execution of their projects, and to explore potential synergies between both initiatives.
  • Niccolò Sovico, CEO of Ener2Crowd, an Italian lending crowdfunding platform specialized in the renewable energy and environmental sustainability sector, that allows private lenders and individuals to easily lend capital online to Italian companies that are committed to developing environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energy interventions.
  • Luca Rosetti, CEO of Energy4Com, an innovative start-up cooperative that pursues a sustainable energy transition that reduces climate-altering emissions through the sustainable use of renewable sources, guaranteeing environmental protection and equal opportunities for access to energy.
  • Diego Teani, Sole Administrator of Noleggio Energia, the leading Italian platform for the financing of energy efficiency projects and energy production from renewable sources.

As the SUPER-HEERO project aims to provide innovative financial schemes to boost energy efficiency investment in supermarkets, it is key to collaborate with these entities and projects that could serve to enhance mechanisms such as crowdfunding and community engagement.

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