SUPER-HEERO celebrates M18 General Assembly meeting in Padua, Italy

The SUPER-HEERO consortium partners gathered in Padua, Italy, on 3 and 4 November, to celebrate a General Assembly meeting 18 months after the project kicked off. During the first day, they held a consortium meeting and hosted a round table with the Italian pilot supermarkets Aspiag Service and NaturaSì to decide on an advertising campaign to promote their participation in the project. Meanwhile, the second day was dedicated to holding a series of workshops to plan for the work ahead.

Additionally, representatives from R2M Solution, RINA and SINLOC visited two supermarket stores from NaturaSì and Aspiag Service in Padua, Italy, on 3 and 4 November. These were two of the selected stores where they will be carrying out an energy audit, installing smart meters and assessing the potential energy efficiency measures that could be implemented there. Once specific measures are identified or an intervention is decided, the SUPER-HEERO partners will also propose a set of financial schemes to finance it, through innovative methods such as crowdfunding, EPCs, or leasing/product as a service contracts.

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