SUPER-HEERO at Sustainable Places 2022

On 9 September, within the framework of the international Sustainable Places Conference 2022, SUPER HEERO took part in the workshop entitled “Innovative financing for Energy Efficiency (EE) investments: triggering action & unlocking social impact”.

Technology Providers – Investors – Building Owner/Operators. Those three sides need to act together to realize energy efficiency interventions on existing buildings. However, there is a gap as many buildings have EE renovation possibilities not realized to include basic interventions such as solar, LED or modern HVAC systems. For a variety of reasons EE retrofitting is not happening at the pace required to meet established sustainability targets.


This workshop presented and discussed how three European Projects are using innovative financing as a tool to trigger EE actions at scale and to simultaneously deliver social impact bringing new value propositions to asset managers and brands.

These three projects are:

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