SUPER-HEERO presents its crowdlending pilot platform in Italy in collaboration with NaturaSì

On March 31, SUPER-HEERO presented its crowdlending pilot platform in Padua with customers, local stakeholders, and partner NaturaSì. During a local aperitivo, representatives of NaturaSì, R2M Solution, Ener2Crowd, GreenTime Hub and Comune di Padova showcased the upcoming SUPER-HEERO’s crowdlending platform, showing the potential 7% return interest for customers in a local store collaborating with the initiative.

At that event, our consortium partners explained to the local shop visitors how they can invest with SUPER-HEERO in the system that the project is putting on the pilot’s roofs, among other social and environmental benefits. The campaign started on April 5 and will raise 40,000 euros for the installation of a 25-kW photovoltaic installation in Padua, as well as 4 trees that the Comune di Padova will have thanks to this case.

During the pilot presentation, Thomas Messervey, CEO of R2M Solution stated: “This campaign will show SUPER-HEERO’s potential in a practical way. We are delighted to offer a solution to supermarkets concerning to three different but linked and key topics, such as energy efficiency, customer engagement, and positive environmental impact. The SUPER-HEERO upcoming platform will make a difference for retail and supermarket owners”.

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