SUPER-HEERO partners got reunited once again in Italy!

On 2 and 3 November, one year after the first-time consortium partners met in presence, they got the opportunity to travel to Milan and present all the project advancements in the last 6 months.

Several discussions took place revolving around project pilots, communication campaigns, training & crowdfunding platforms, and the technology partner program.

As the project end date is close, the focus of the meeting was on the tasks that will be carried out during the first semester of next year.

Taking advantage of this meeting, consortium partners organised a new workshop on Energy efficiency interventions. As a hybrid event, attendees got the opportunity to learn about the SUPER-HEERO approach, different case studies and actionable EE interventions that could be made for Lombardia-based supermarkets in time for 2022 incentive closeouts.

Some of the specific topics presented were:

  • Incentives 2022 Applicable to Supermarkets
  • Crowdfunding Energy Efficiency Interventions – €10.7 million raised on Ener2Crowd and accelerating
  • Case Studies, Business Plan & Client Relationship Strategies
  • Community engagement strategies
  • Action Plan – how we can facilitate your EE interventions

The recording of this session is now available and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

Download the workshop presentations

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