Interview with Ener2Crowd

The SUPER-HEERO crowdfunding platform will let people directly invest in the energy retrofitting of their supermarkets. Consumers will have a double benefit: economical profits from the investment and environmental results from the reduction of the energy consumption of the supermarket.

Niccolò Elia Sovico from Ener2Crowd is the SUPER-HEERO crowdfunding platform coordinator. His role involves the setup and coordination of the upcoming crowdfunding platform of SUPER-HEERO, where consumers and supermarkets will find each other in a very simple way, combining financing and environmental benefits for each side.

What are your expectations from the SUPER-HEERO project?

The Great Organized Distribution is a high energy demand sector and with the SUPER-HEERO project, we expect to find the best technical and financial solution for decarbonizing this field. SUPER-HEERO project can be one of the best projects in Europe and create an innovative solution for a sector that is still clinging to the past.

What is the main role of E2C in SUPER-HEERO?

Ener2Crowd is the leader in sustainable investments and our role is to develop a specific crowdfunding platform for the GDO customers and to find innovative financial solutions suitable for the energy retrofitting of the supermarkets.

Can you talk a bit more about the crowdfunding platform that you have created for the project?

The platform automatically lets people directly invest in the energy retrofitting of their supermarket. People can take to the opportunity proposed and invest in form of a loan in the project starting from a minimum investment equal to 100€. The process is very easy and fast: register, open a wallet and invest. The aim is to involve people who can get a double benefit from their trusted supermarket: an economical benefit from the investment and an environmental benefit deriving from the reduction of the energy consumption of the supermarket.

Why do you consider such a platform as needed and how do you think it could benefit society as a whole?

During the COVID pandemic, people used their trusted supermarkets as their sole socializing place. Supermarkets became the only moment where people could talk to each other physically. With Climate Change and with the SUPER-HEERO crowdfunding platform, the supermarket can become a small part of the energy transition process and people can take part in it. Supermarkets can share the benefit of the energy retrofitting of the building directly with their customers making their customers themselves a fundamental part of their decarbonizing process.

What do you think will be the main outcomes of the SUPER-HEERO project?

The SUPER-HEERO project will create a standard for the GDO field letting people be part of the decarbonizing process of this sector. We hope that this attitude will become common in whole the supermarkets.

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